As a Sportscaster, my PASSION is the following:

  • Inform & educate the listeners.
  • To employ creativity & engage at storytelling.
  • Stroke a paintbrush to paint on a canvas a picture on verbal terms for the listener.
  • Become the theatre of the mind to place the listener in an imaginary seat at the game & entertain an audience.
  • Develop a rhythm of tossing out descriptions that marshal the unfolding action of an event & juggle the production aspect.
“Man has always searched for ways to reach inside man.

To find the center of himself, to capture a momentary joy that celebrates his existence, & maybe the closest he will ever come to that magical blend of pain & pleasure is when he competes against other men. And therefore, against himself.

Some men choose to compete on grassy fields…some on wooden floors or cobblestone tracks…& some…on ice.”    

1974 Stanley Cup video, Jonathon Schwartz; You Tube-(Scott Rathburn 11.03.09)